Outdoor Bootcamp for Women!

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"Motivating, challenging & fun!  I have lost weight, built strength and gained some awesome friends.  I would recommend Inspire Fitness to anyone regardless of their level of fitness" -  Melanie Irvin

"I'm fitter, leaner & stronger from training with Sarah, motivation is easy because every workout is different & fun in a supportive atmosphere.  I can't recommend Inspire Fitness highly enough" - Jennifer Willis

Mobile and Outdoor Personal Training

Personal & Group Training Sessions

One on One Personal Training
One on one personal training involves working with a personal trainer to learn how to exercise efficiently and correctly to achieve your health and fitness goals. We will help you to reach your FULL POTENTIAL and be the best you can be.

Buddy Personal Training
Buddy training can be with your partner, friend or work collegue and is a great option to keep you motivated. 

Group Personal TrainingWe also cater for small groups – whether it is a group of friends, work colleages, mother’s groups or families we can tailor a session to suit your needs. Group training is a great way to exercise with people you know, training is affordable and you can choose a location that is convenient for all.

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Inspire Fitness specialises in the following:


Women's Fitness

Outdoor Training

Weight Loss

Weight Management


Pre and Post Natal Exercise

Exercise for Older Adults

Outdoor Training

Strength Training 

Functional Training

High Intensity Interval Training