Outdoor Bootcamp for Women!

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"Motivating, challenging & fun!  I have lost weight, built strength and gained some awesome friends.  I would recommend Inspire Fitness to anyone regardless of their level of fitness" -  Melanie Irvin

"I'm fitter, leaner & stronger from training with Sarah, motivation is easy because every workout is different & fun in a supportive atmosphere.  I can't recommend Inspire Fitness highly enough" - Jennifer Willis

Mobile and Outdoor Personal Training

Welcome to Inspire Fitness

Inspire Fitness runs Outdoor Fitness Groups that help Women become fitter and stronger by exercising regularly.

The program includes weekly bootcamp sessions plus a weekly meal plan, weight management tips and plenty of motivation and inspiration.

Our program is designed to help you burn calories, build strength and increase your metabolism in a fun and supportive environment with like minded women. The program offers three types of training to achieve RESULTS.  

High Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T)  - Increases energy levels, boosts your metabolism and burns calories.

Boxing - Blows of steam, releases your stress and is a ripper cardiovascular workout.

Strength / Conditioning - Builds strength and helps you become an Energy Burning Machine.

Women's Outdoor Bootcamp in Halliday Park Mitcham

Outdoor Bootcamp Classes for Women re-commences in 2017

Term 1

Monday 30th January to Friday 31st March, 2017

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday at 9:30am

in Halliday Park, Mitcham.