Outdoor Bootcamp for Women!

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"Motivating, challenging & fun!  I have lost weight, built strength and gained some awesome friends.  I would recommend Inspire Fitness to anyone regardless of their level of fitness" -  Melanie Irvin

"I'm fitter, leaner & stronger from training with Sarah, motivation is easy because every workout is different & fun in a supportive atmosphere.  I can't recommend Inspire Fitness highly enough" - Jennifer Willis

Inspire Fitness - Outdoor Bootcamp for Women

Inspire Fitness Outdoor Bootcamp helps Women become fitter and stronger by exercising regularly.

Term 1 Bootcamp - 

  • 9 week Bootcamp commences Monday 30th January to Friday 31st March


  • Boxing
  • Interval Training- HIIT
  • Strength / Conditioning
  • Weekly meal plans and weight management tips

Session times

  • Monday     -  9:30am in Halliday Park, Mitcham
  • Tuesday     -  9:30am in Halliday Park, Mitcham
  • Thursday   -  9:30am in Halliday Park, Mitcham
  • Friday        -  9:30am in Halliday park, Mitcham

Group training sessions have been structured to maximise fat loss, burn calories, build strength and increase your metabolism.

You also receive a weekly meal plan, weight management tips, motivation and inspiration as part of your package.

Cost is $225 for unlimited classes or $112.50 for one class per week.

CALL 0409 171 221 to book your spot as places are limited.